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-Tips and Techniques for teasing, owning and having fun with your little one-

Whether your little one is a boy or girl you can enhance pleasure, explore fantasies, have fun and do just about anything your imagination can come up with!
Have you ever wanted to explore orgasm control or orgasm denial?
Teasing and Denial?
Well here are a few tips to keep in mind when exploring these wonderful times.

Keep in mind this is all from personal experience


teasingAlways know your place and always make sure your little one knows their place. There is no compromise. There is no if ands or buts. When you point to the ground your little one should be at your feet no questions asked.
Make sure you portray confidence in front of your little one.
Your little one should know they are in good hands when they are under your control. Whether you are an amateur or novice remember that we have control over the pleasures of our little one and we use these pleasures to get what we want which is why our little ones love us so much and will never leave our feet.









You should enjoy your little one being at your feet. Sit down and relax while your little one makes sure that your shoes are completely clean, that you have had enough kisses on your shoes and that of course you are satisfied. Your little one should satisfy you 110%+. If not then there must be some training to be had. Make sure to communicate to your little one how they are doing. If you do not think they are doing a good job tell them! One thing that I have come across if you don't communicate with your little one they will never get better and you will never be satisfied!








tease and denialAsk your little one about their fantasies. Before you even begin you should have some ideas of your little ones fantasies, fetishes and desires. You have to use something against them!!
My little ones has a huge panty fetish. I like to wear perfect pink panties because i know that makes him go wild. Now if you remember the last scene you have to reward your little one if they do a very very good job. Since my little one did such a good job I allow him special kisses on my panty butt. My little one knows that he has earned these kisses. He only gets a few. Keep in mind that I love to be worshipped so my little ones rewards are my pleasures.
This is all about me!





pantyThere are quite a few times when my little one does not do a satisfying job. When I have my little one clean my bathroom and he leaves a sprinkle of dirt! Well as I said before you have to communicate and teach him to do better! Instead of spanking him and beating him you take what he cherishes so much! His pleasures!
I may sound cruel but your little one is yours and you have GOT to hold him or her by the highest standards.
That's when i get my little one to open his legs wide open, keep his hands behind his back and with one finger rub it up and down the underside of his sweet little swollen cock. You should see the noises and expressions I see and here. The sweet begging that comes out of my little ones mouth if I allow him to beg of course. I have learned to rub my little one so softly that he sometimes cries for me. :)





worshipAfter a few tease rubs my little one gets a second chance to prove himself. I am all about second chances. I can promise you that if he did not pass the first time he will definitely pass the second time! My little one cleans my shoes and worships my feet like he has never done before. This is the learning process and this is why you have to communicate. If I was always to tell my little one he did a good job or always did a bad job we would never get anywhere. Your little one will learn, just give them a chance I promise.
The second time I usually give my little one more time to complete and satisfy me. I want to make sure that he knows he will never ever have pleasure feelings without first being approved by me.






denialNow its time for some fun games. One game that I really like to play is called Commercials. Here are the rules. I usually like to play with an hour long show that has a lot of commercials.
We will always start the show with my little one lying naked by my side.
Just to make it worse sometimes I will dab my finger in silky soft lotion. During the commercials I will take one of my fingers and rub it up and down my little ones cock very lightly and smooth making sure to rub little circles on my little ones head. Oh its so fun I almost anticipate the commercials coming on. My little one is not allowed to make a sound during the commercials. He is to lie still and take the teasing like a good little one.







cock teaseNow when the show comes back on my little one is allowed to worship me. During the whole show except for the commercials my little one is going to worship me. At first I let him kiss around the elastic band on my panties until he has earned kisses on my panties. To be honest I don't usually ever even watch the show. I just lay back, relax and let my little one worship me like he should. He is going to do the best job ever! Believe me. He is so turned on the only thing he can think about me is controlling his pleasure and he has learned that he will have his pleasure after I am completely satisfied and give him approval! Not one second will I think about giving my little one release until I am completely 200% satisfied and think that he deserves his release. I am very high maintenance and he knows that this can take some time. Even a week at times if he is not being a good little one.
He knows better.






little oneAnother commercial comes along and once I wrap my hand around his cock I can feel him trying to pull back just to have little pleasure around his cock. He is not allowed to move his hips. I remove my hand and just trace my fingers up and down, up and down making sure every little spot is touched! Oh it is so exciting, fun and such a turn on. Some times I get soaked just playing with my little one, bringing him soaring up and down. :) Usually on one of the commercials I will rub the top of his cock which is not very sensitive just to give him a little small break from the intense teasing. I know he loves it and enjoys every second but again this is about me.








leash and collarThe show is back and so is my little one. Sometimes half way into the show I bring out some of my toys such as my leash and collar. I know my little one knows he belongs to me but I just have to keep a leash on him :) He can be so cute trying so hard to worship me while I pull the leash around his neck. He does not say or do anything. He just continues to worship me as he should. This is all part of the long term training. After you have gone through a few different scenarios with your little one they will learn pretty quick what you like and dislike and focus exactly on what you like. I know this from personal experience. Even though my little one wants to worship my panties so bad he would rather my beautiful legs because he knows that is what I want and I will get what I want.







table lockLike I said I bring out my toys. I had my little one create a nice table lock just for me. Its a little table that locks my little ones hands but keeps my little ones cock completely exposed for my pleasure :) I like this device because his hands can only stay by his side and he can not move them. It is so dangerous to have your little one give you this much control but oh it is fun! You may learn things you never ever knew just by using this device and one finger! Oh the fun. I also use this device to teach and communicate with my little one. He did not fold one of my pairs of socks correctly when he did my laundry. Now he is going to pay and learn with such torturous ways.








panty worshipThe show has come back on and I am so turned on I just can't help myself. I sometimes get like this where I just can't hold myself back. This could go on for 5 or 10 minutes and yes I do give my little one air once in a while but very rarely. Those seconds he could be spending on worshipping me. Remember that your little one is very lucky to be in this position. There are hundreds of millions of little ones out there that would beg to be in this position. Keep that in mind when your little one has it's tongue in your special area. My little one knows he is privileged just to have his lips on my panties let alone kissing me in special areas. My little one earns these times by doing an excellent job or worshipping me during the show. If your little one does not do a sufficient job then they should not be rewarded! Teach your little one and they will go above and beyond without question!









Do you see how even now my little one strives to continue worshipping me even when I am getting off to give him a little break. That's what I call 110%. You will achieve this after a few scenarios if you use the tips and techniques from this web site. I will guarantee it. Your little one will eventually forget all about their pleasures and completely focus on you when they know that you completely without question control their pleasures, fantasies, fetishes and release. My little one will clean our whole place and make me dinner because he has learned to enjoy what I enjoy by my special treatment. I believe it works so much better then whipping him or beating him. Don't get me wrong this has taken a lot of time and work but it is a learning experience and it is extremely fun especially when you have a good imagination! Believe it or not sometimes my little one will beg me to let him fold my clothes just so he can show me how much he has learned! Shouldn't every little one be like that?






One time my little one cleaned our whole place from top to bottom every corner and every spot was clean. Even all our laundry was done. Well my little one opened the door to get the mail and a leaf blew in the front door and landed right on our carpet floor. He went to pick it up and put it outside but it was to late. I wanted my little one to learn a lesion and I was feeling wicked. I had him lay naked on the bed and put him in the table lock. I took a small bottle of the silkiest lotion I could find and a very small light brush for makeup. I rubbed the brush with the lotion all over his little head giving him permission to moan and beg. Oh this was such a mean lesion but I know my little one will never ever forget that I can be very evil! :)









So during the end of the show I give my little one permission to worship my panties. One of his favorite spots. I have put him through a lot and he has done a very good job. I love to continue relaxing while I feel his lips through my panties with every kiss. My little one knows that I better feel his lips on every kiss...












This time my little one has done such a good job that he has earned the privilege to wear my silky pink panties! I just wave them in front of my little one, taunting him with them, knowing that I will see him in them in just a few minutes. Like I said before. Communicate with your little one and find our some of there fetishes. The more you explore the more likely both of you are going to learn new fetishes and go deeper into the fetishes you currently have. My little one has a huge panty fetish and I use that for my benefit and against him all the time.. Oh my little one knows how lucky he is to be controlled and owned by me.









I just toss them on the bed, point at them and my little one knows exactly what to do. It's so cute.










Like a little puppy dog I rub my little one right where I know his little cock head is through his silky panties. Awww its so cute I just can't even explain it. Up and down I rub making my little one sometimes forget his own name. I will mess around with him asking him different questions while I tease him with one finger! I know it's torture for him but it's so much fun and such a turn on seeing him like this. I know sometimes this fabric can almost make my little one pop so I make sure to rub very softly just over certain parts. He is definitely not allowed release. Not by a long shot.







My little one has had enough laying down so as soon as I stand up and point down guess where he is. My little one is there at my feet in his cute pink panties even before my finger points straight down. This type of action will come in time. Believe me. I let him kiss and worship me for as long as I feel like standing before he is complete. Now let me tell you that this is not an everyday occurrence. Don't get my wrong my little one is never allowed release or pleasure without my approval but a few days a week we just go out or relax together. These are special times and fun games we have to explore and enhance our relationship. Owning my little ones releases and pleasures have brought us to a point where we could only imagine. How special time feels when we are together.








I usually then take my little ones pink panties away, taught him with them for a few and then put them away where I know he can't get to them. He better not even try. I can be forceful at times just making sure he knows how incredibly lucky he is to be in my presence. I know that he always knows I just like to make sure and mess with him. He is of course my little one. I know that I can also make him go crazy with my words. Like when I tell him that I am going to wrap these silky panties around his little swolly cock and rub them up and down. Oh when I give my little one permission to beg he begs like you would not believe. He is such a good little one. I do not of course wrap the panties around his cock. He does not have approval for release. I put them away and let him think some more.. :)








After everything I just want to lay, take in all the fun and rub a finger here and there while my little one stands next to me. It seems that I get more evil as the day goes by. Sometimes I will have my little one sleep by my feet or stand by my bed while i rest. He knows that he is not allowed to move while I request these positions. He is under my power. I don't think he would even want to move! Well this ends my tips and techniques for teasing, owning and having fun with your little one. Remember that these are only small examples and there is so much more to to explore and find out. Communicate, be confident, and open minded. You can go farther then you ever expected!

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Thank you for your time and good luck!

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